Disinfection Services in Romeoville

You can trust Vega Building Maintenance & Supplies Inc. to always provide the highest quality disinfection services in the Romeoville area. Our team of exceptional cleaners is experienced and well trained in disinfection procedures and processes. No matter what type of space you have, our team will make sure it’s free of harmful bacteria that spread illness and disease. You can trust our exceptional team to always get the job done well and leave your space spotless and sanitary.

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Our Disinfection Company Goes Above and Beyond

Disinfection goes above and beyond regular cleaning because the products, processes, and procedures are different. Our team has been specifically trained on how to thoroughly disinfect spaces and surfaces, making sure not a trace of bacteria is left. Working with these specialty cleaners and disinfection equipment is challenging, which is why we only hire and work with the best.

Our disinfection procedures go above regular cleaning by:  

  • Using EPA certified, professional-grade disinfectant sprays
  • Making sure our staff follows CDC sanitary guidelines
  • Disinfectant foggers
  • Air purification equipment
  • Deep cleaning of frequently touched spaces
  • Using only new cloth materials
  • And more!

Our team works to keep your people safe, so you won’t have to worry about people falling ill or being put in dangerous situations.

Quality Disinfect Services You Can Count On

Our team is not only reliable, but they are efficient and thorough. Our supervisors make sure cleaning staff follow our disinfecting protocols exactly, to ensure all of our clients get the same deep clean. Your space will be left without a trace of harmful bacteria or germs, so you can feel safe and at ease. Our staff will work efficiently while paying very close attention to disinfecting all surfaces. You can trust Vega Building Maintenance & Supplies Inc. to always get the job done.

We Offer Thorough Disinfection Procedures

You’ll have access to our comprehensive and thorough disinfection services because of the procedures we’ve put in place to ensure your space is sanitary and safe. We don’t just make sure our equipment is top of the line, but the manner in which we go about cleaning for disinfection is unique and specific. Certain steps have to be taken to ensure that spaces are left thoroughly sanitized.

Some steps we follow to disinfect your space are:

  • Using mops instead of brooms to prevent the release of bacterial particles into the air
  • Making sure to bring quality air purifiers to every space
  • Providing our workers with high-quality PPE
  • And more!

You can trust our team of experts to follow our disinfecting procedures, designed to keep our standards high and your people safe.

Trust Vega Building Maintenance & Supplies Inc.’s Disinfection Services for Your Space

Our staff is courteous and experienced, so you’ll love our quality customer service. Our prices are always reasonable, so you’ll get exceptional service and results without breaking the bank. But you’ll especially love the feeling of security that comes from a thoroughly disinfected space.

Contact us at (630) 410-8862 to get access to the best disinfection services in the Romeoville area.